Welcome to the new project, and next chapter of my professional life…

For the better part of the past 15 years I have spent the majority of my professional time learning, and perfecting my craft and skills in the arts and marketing through real world experiences with brands that have changed the world and lifestyle around them.  I have learned lessons from my mentors, and idols, that cannot be taught, except to have lived through that moment in time, with those brands, and those talents firing on all cylinders.

I am now entering into the next phase of my career to see where my creativity ends up once it has been unleashed from the day to day corporate agenda, and to experience a feeling of helping brands find their way, as they transcend from old stifled theories, into a ever changing medium of human interaction and engagement.

The past ten years I have watched as my phone became smarter, attention spans around me got shorter, paper became something money is printed on, and the digital world connected us in ways I could never imagine. As our our world changes, it is important to realize that behind all the hype of the next great app, or next great product, people still long for a connection to something they can believe in, and an identity they can engage with. The only thing that has changed is the platform and delivery method in which brands must take to reach the fan they want to be.

For this reason I created the BrainSpark Agency, a company committed to merging creativity with innovation, with a goal to help organizations find and target their fans, delivering custom unique engaging experiences and messages to maximize your marketing ability. We are not your normal agency, we do not follow rules, we defy them.

I look forward to the next chapter, and helping your business create amazing marketing!

Rich Wilson